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Heaven! Love! Freedom!
What a dream,
oh poor crazed Girl!
You melted to him as snow does to a fire;
Your great visions strangled your words -
And fearful Infinity terrified your blue eye!

Winter's here

I guess I never felt so damn lonely.

Do you mind me sitting here beside you? No? And talking..? Do you mind me talking? Okay..then I'll be silent. I can't sit still. Thoughts come to my head. Making me go insane. Gnawning at my perfect lies. Are you still here? Okay.. I thought I've made you go away. Can I take your hand? I'm so lonely. Please. I don't know where to go. Thank you.. Can you tell me something? Maybe something about yourself? Simply because I'm so lonely. I like your voice. It's calm and warm. Warm as your hand.

30.8.08 23:47


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